Saturday, December 2

How She Gets Organized With These Plastic Containers Will Leave You In Awe!

Trying to get organized but don’t quite know where to start? ¬†Fortunately, there are lots of cool organizing solutions and you can DIY some of the best of them. This one is pretty cool, so make sure to check out what she does!

You can locate items easily and  have easy access to them, therefore saving yourself a lot of time and frustration. With our busy lives, these days, every little thing helps, right?

I’m all about making things easy and convenient. It just makes my life feel much lighter by having a special place to put things.

Many times I would think I’d remember where I’d put things and it never failed that I would forget. This way if I have a designated place for things I won’t fall prey to that problem!

Don’t you just love the way she uses some bling to decorate these plain nondescript plastic containers? Just goes to show that a little bling can make a difference!

Thank God for DIY projects to help us stay sane! I have learned so much about organizing by looking on Pinterest and watching a lot of interesting tutorials.

I am light years ahead of where I used to be, as far as my organizational skills go. I used to always joke about myself by saying “I can’t organize myself out of a paper sack!”.

Watch how this gal with Real Beauty Real Food Real Life does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get some tips on getting organized.







This is such an easy step by step tutorial for organizing all sorts of things.

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