How to Build a Rustic Cooler Box

Love the idea of keeping a cooler on your porch or back patio but hate the thought of having a large brightly colored plastic cooler ruining your DIY rustic decor? Try this DIY pallet furniture idea for a pallet cooler that will not only improve your decor, it will also keep your cold drinks within reach – no more leaning over to grab a drink out of the cooler on the ground! The easy to follow step by step instructions and video show you exactly how easy it is to build your very own cooler box this summer. I have been looking for DIY backyard ideas to improve my patio decor, and this one is definitely top of the list! I love it because you do not need a new cooler, either. Perfect project idea for an old beat up cooler or one that is really too big to haul around. You can easily find these at thrift stores, too!


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