How To Build a Tiny House in a Week for $2000!

I never miss the Tiny House series on HGTV!  I’m so fascinated by them and really want to build one!  I’m always running over to my daughter’s house and would love to have a little place I can go to without having to drive back and forth all the time.  She has three children and she’s always calling me to help out.  I could stay in her home, but I need to get away from the craziness!  This way I can bring my dogs and cat and stay as long as I want to.

My sister in law just went to Columbia to help build out some homes for people who really needed additions to their homes, who lived in only one room.  I’ve signed her up to help with building this tiny home, along with a couple of other knowledgable people.

I started out with a dream and I’m gonna make it come true!  Watch this video and you will see how they do this!

Learn How To Build A Tiny House, Quickly and Inexpensively!

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