Saturday, December 2

How to Get Your Biggest Natural Eyelashes Ever! (Clump Free)

Most of us ladies love having long eyelashes…some of us even pay to have eyelash extensions!  It’s OK to admit it: You have eyelash envy. Why does everyone who doesn’t want or appreciate long lashes have them? There’s the teenager with impossibly long eyelashes across the street, the giraffe at the zoo, your boyfriend’s baby pictures. It happens. But there’s no need to rush to the nearest lash extension salon or stock up on Latisse just yet. There are plenty of techniques you can try to bust out killer lashes—no procedures required.

I can remember getting my first eyelash curler when I was 13…my twin brother gave it to me! I still have the same eyelash curler and I won’t tell you how many years that has been. I’ve had to replace the rubber part, but still the same curler! So, ever since I was 13 I was trying to make my long eyelashes longer!

I usually do use 3 mascaras when applying my mascara, but I wasn’t applying it the way she does in this tutorial. Also, rather than use the bronzing powder on my eyelashes, I use baby powder and it works great!

Not only applying mascara the way she does this in her tutorial, along with the dark eye pencil along her water line, I also put coconut oil, with a little bit of lavender essential oil in it, on my eyelashes at bedtime. I have definitely seen an improvement in the length of my lashes.

There are many ways to lengthen your eyelashes on Pinterest, so take a look at those posts and use this gal’s technique in your daily routine.

Watch Funkmaster Diaries step by step tutorial so you can make those eyelashes pop!


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