Thursday, November 30

How to Make A T-Shirt Quilt

I have some t-shirts that hold a lot of memories, which makes them hard to toss out. But you can still use them, by making an item that you can incorporate them into so you will then have them forever.

I was so excited about this tutorial because when my twin brother died I got all of his t-shirts and they hold so many incredible memories for me. When I saw this great idea to make a guilt incorporating treasured t-shirts into it I got busy right away. This quilt means more to me than any other item I’ve ever sewn…it’s a treasure to me.

One reason we all love wearing t-shirts is because they are made from such soft, stretchy knit fabric. When it comes to making t-shirt quilts, though, their stretchiness poses a problem. The same give that makes t-shirts so comfortable also makes them get distorted and wonky if you sew them without preparing them in advance.

That’s why you need to stabilize your shirts before you use them in a quilt or any other sewing project. You do this by applying a fusible backing to the t-shirt fabric. The backing helps the shirt hold its shape while you cut and sew it. The softer and more worn a t-shirt is, the more it needs stabilizing before you try to sew with it.

Watch how Laura Coia makes this memorable t-shirt quilt in her step by step tutorial. Now go show off your creation to your friends and family!

How to Make A T-Shirt Quilt



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