Thursday, December 7

How to Make an Adorable DIY Princess Crown

Have a princess you want to please? Surprise her with this fabulously glittery lace crown you can make with very little effort. Better yet, surprise her and all of her friends with one in every color of the rainbow at her very own princess birthday party. All you need for this cool little craft idea for girls is some lace, paint, glitter and glue. A fun kids craft project for a rainy Sunday afternoon, your kids can even help you make these at home. I made some of these DIY princess crowns and also some homemade wands for my daughter’s princess party favors last summer, and I got the cutest party pics ever.

Little girls love dress up clothes, and homemade ones are always much cuter than what you can find in stores. Perfect for Halloween costumes or just every day dress up ideas, make these easy DIY crowns by following this simple step by step video tutorial on Youtube.

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