How To Make Coiled Fabric For Trivets, Rugs, Wall Art, and More!

Wow! I had no idea this is how those corded rugs were made!  I got really excited about this tutorial…not just to make trivets, coasters and wall art, but to make rugs! This is so easy! I never would have guessed this was how these were made.

Nancy with Nancy’s Notions shows us how she makes a darling trivet in her tutorial, but from what I’ve read online, you will need to have lots of thread available to make a rug with this technique. They suggest having some bobbins already loaded because you want to keep going when you get started doing this. As a matter of fact, the gal that suggested this said that this is very addictive!

I can certainly see how this would be addictive, once you’ve started. I didn’t want to stop because I couldn’t wait to see the finished rug and put it on the floor in my home!

One gal, on Pinterest, didn’t use a sewing machine to do this…she used a glue gun. So, that’s always an option. I guess whatever works for you, but I wanted to make sure my rug was as sturdy and secure as possible, so I used my sewing machine to make mine.

Watch how Nancy makes this trivet in her step by step tutorial so you can get started doing this easy DIY project too!



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