Thursday, December 7

How To Make Crafty DIY Bowls

I never would have guessed some of the things you could make with a glue gun, and this cool DIY project is no exception. With only plain rope and your trusty glue gun, you can make some of the most beautiful home decor ever in minutes.  Yes, this stylish DIY bowl is held together with only hot glue, and it is quick and cheap to make. One of my favorite new decor ideas for those on a budget, this clever craft also makes an awesome DIY gift.

Supplies You Will Need:

Hot Glue

How To Make the DIY Rope Bowl

Before you start looping the rope around the bowl, get some glue on the frayed end to keep it in place. Create the base by adding a line of glue to each spiral of your rope bowl until it looks like a coaster that is approximately the size of your bowl. You will not actually glue the rope on the bowl since it will only serve as a patterned shape. Keep adding the rope and the glue in a spiral pattern. After which, you can now let your rope sit for 30 mins. to take shape. Once its set, you can pry the bowl away from the rope and voila! Just snip the end and you’re done.

Step by Step Tutorial Video – Youtube

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