How to Make Glitter Galaxy Slime

This easy and fun craft for kids to make at home is one of my favorite DIYs this summer. I saw the photo of DIY galaxy slime on Pinterest and thought mine would never turn out looking so cool, but sure enough, it did! My kids just love the bright colors and sparkles, and I have to admit, so do I. This DIY idea┬áis super inexpensive and much fun to play with. We found all the ingredients for homemade slime at the dollar store, so each of my children got to choose the things for their very own batch. The step by step instructions, slime recipe and video tutorial show you exactly how to make galaxy slime at home. Very cool for a summer day when you have heard “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do?” more times than you can stand it.

Learn bow to make galaxy slime the easy way with this cool recipe. My (older) kids learned how to make this galaxy slime recipe alone, now, it is so straightforward. A perfect craft project to keep them busy for hours after you make it, this galaxy slime is probably my favorite thing we’ve made all year, and we’ve made a lot of things. When it comes to cool kids crafts, this homemade slime and DIY rainbow slime should be at the top of your list. Want even more slime? Well, our friends over at DIY Projects for Teens have been in search of the best slime recipe for a long time and put together two cool posts with a list of slime recipes.

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