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How to Remove A Dying Orchid From A Pot To Restore It Plus Tips Growing A Healthy One

Most of us buy or receive these gorgeous orchids only to see them start dying in less than 2 weeks of having them. They do seem like the most difficult plant to grow, but if you have the secrets to growing them you can actually own orchids that thrive!

The orchid is a popular flower associated with perfection, love, beauty, and luxury. Orchids are a popular plant choice for the home. The problem most of us have is keeping them alive!

These are low maintenance to care for and beautiful to look at. I’ve attached a video with ten tips that are guaranteed to keep your orchid looking its blooming best month after month and year after year.

A lot of people bemoan their incompetence at growing orchids. One person on Pinterest said her secret is to ignore them. She siad her orchids sit untouched on a windowsill with a western exposure for as long as they can stand it–months, usually–and then, finally, they bloom again in a desperate desire to get attention.

The orchid may look fragile. But remember, “In their natural habitat many orchids are extreme plants, attaching themselves to trees in order to survive,” says Marc Hachadourian, the NY Botanical Garden’s resident orchid expert.

Miss OrchidGirl tells you how to grow these beauties in her video below, so make sure to watch it to get some tips so you can keep these gorgeous plants alive and thriving.

How to Help A Dying Orchid Plant



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