How to Sew a DIY Bandana Bib

Learning how to sew a DIY bandana bib is an easy sewing project for beginners and experts alike. Making DIY baby¬†clothes can be cheaper than buying store bought clothes, but they grow so quickly that these sewing projects are outgrown in no time. This DIY baby bib can be worn for a handful of years and with a couple extra buttons and a little extra fabric, it can be adjusted as your child grows (a handy trick I’ve used with many sewing patterns).

These cute baby bibs are excellent for catching drool and keeping your baby cute and oh so adorable!. Choose any fabric you like to make the bib Рwe recommend you make several, as this project is really very simple to make, and an excellent use for your scrap fabric. Perfect DIY baby gifts for boys and girls, I just made a bunch of them to use for baby showers I have coming up.

Too busy to make a diy bib? The bibs pictured are from an Etsy shop where you can grab these bibs now. Julie at Bibby Bubby has some precious ones to choose from. Get them here.

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