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I Can’t Believe What She Made By Mixing Coffee, Sugar And Oil. Watch!

I’m always needing a gift for one of my girlfriends and spend a lot of time pondering what to give them. Then there’s the frustration of going shopping and trying to find something that’s unique to give. This gal has several amazing recipes you can put together quickly and they have incredible healing properties with many benefits.

This is an awesome solution that any woman would love to receive and you can put it all in a mason jar, rather than a box or gift bag! I always decorate the mason jars, for a beautiful presentation, when I give this as a gift. That’s part of the fun, right? After all, presentation is important when giving a gift!

In one of her recipes she uses Nutmeg, which is known to reduce the appearance of scars and coffee grounds works on reducing the appearance of cellulite and Lord knows I needed this information! She uses cinnamon which cleanses and helps prevent acne. I’ve had my share of problems with acne in my lifetime too!

Then she adds Olive Oil, which moisturizes and penetrates deeply into the skin without clogging pores and mixes all of these ingredients really good and puts this in small jars.

The next thing she does is mix up an oil facial moisturizer that is so beneficial to our skin, but I’m going to let you watch and see how she does all of these fabulous DIY projects.

Watch how she does all of these brilliant ideas for serious girl pampering, in her step by step tutorial. Give these a try!







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