I Couldn’t Believe The Cool Item She Made Out Of Bobby Pins And Nail Polish. Watch!

I couldn’t believe how amazing this was when I saw it on Pinterest. I knew I had to have one right away. I was a little shocked to see what they made with bobby pins. I never would have thought to do this!

This is a stunning super quick necklace that will make a statement in 7 minutes! You certainly can’t beat that for a quick necklace!

Bobby pins now come in cool colors like gunmetal, bright gold and copper! All you need is a bunch of bobby pins and a shorter 16″  chain or a wire choker type necklace and some nail polish or spray paint.

I’ve seen these necklaces on Pinterest and there are so many different ways you can make a necklace with bobby pins. Take a peek at the ones on Pinterest for different ideas.

You can add or take away pins wherever you want and you can change the pattern and colors to suit your mood!

Nail polish is actually a great and durable paint for all kinds of projects, from fashion to crafting. You can even paint a stripe down a stack of this everyday hair accessory to make a great structural statement necklace.

This is a great DIY project not only for adults, but it’s something teens can do in a snap for a great DIY fashion statement.

Watch how Kimberly-Brooke makes this great looking necklace out of, none other than bobby pins, in her step by step tutorial.

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