Saturday, December 2

I Couldn’t Believe These Painted Cactus Rocks Weren’t Real!

Everybody’s got rocks laying around that you can pick up for this wonderful little craft project! A lot of times you can find good ones down by a creek bed.  This is a very inexpensive gift idea and such a cool gift at that! These give such an illusion of being real… I took a double when I first saw these!  I love painted rocks.  I’ve painted a lot of them and given them as gifts.  I’ve painted butterflies, flowers, sayings, people’s pets and more.  These cactus are some of my favorites!

I made these as a gift for my Dad for Father’s Day for his desk.  This is a great idea for your Father since the day is upon us. It’s so hard to think of something unique to give to men and I thought this was an interesting idea.

Watch this step by step tutorial and you can see how it’s done!

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