I Got 12 Extra Hours Of Sleep Last Week After I Tried This Cool Idea!

When I go to bed I like the room to be pitch black or I can’t fall asleep. Some people don’t have this luxury and lights are constantly coming off and on…or they don’t ever go off! I have to wear one of these sleep masks if I take an afternoon nap or I can just forget about the nap!

I ran across this darling sleep mask tutorial and added to my list of gifts to make for friends and family. I went in search for the best sewing gift ideas and put together a pretty awesome list of tutorials, this one included. From gift bags, lunch accessories and things you can take to work to adorable items you can make for kids and babies, there are some incredibly easy sewing projects you can whip up in under an hour.

These are so easy and cheap to make…I can whip one out in no time! As a matter of fact, this would be a great sewing project for a beginner at sewing. My daughter, who has minimal sewing skills, has made a few of these for herself and her friends. They thought they were the bees knees!

After all, we all deserve a good night’s rest is important, so get your sleep mask made and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Watch this step by step tutorial madebymaya does and get busy sewing your sleep mask!


Photo Credit: allexpress.com



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