I Had No Idea She Could Make This Just By Doodling on Paper!

This is a powerful way to express yourself! Colors awaken the spirit within. All you need to do is find out which ones awaken you and begin to integrate them into your life. We are all colorful in the heart. We have different dimensions, aspects to us that make us unique. Let your inner diva shine with your own artistic jewelry!

I love to wear jewelry, so it seems only natural that I love to make jewelry, right?  I know a lot of people are a bit intimidated to try jewelry making for the first time, but there are SO MANY easy jewelry projects that you can create using minimal supplies and beginner skills.  

Whether you’re making a dynamic necklace, refrigerator magnets, small animals or earrings. Polymer clay is a wonderful product to do this with. Making these are a great way to earn some extra money. Your friends will love them! I wore one of the necklaces I made out of polymer clay and got so many compliments and questions about it. Pretty things always catch the eyes of others. I’ve seen some exquisite necklaces and earrings on Etsy. As a matter of fact I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from that site.

My daughter and I have so much fun making jewelry with polymer clay. It’s a great summer project for kids and definitely keeps them busy and out of your hair! Children love to make little animals out of this. They are so creative. I just love children’s art and how they choose to express themselves.

Watch Mo Clay’s step by step tutorial so you can make all kinds of fabulous jewelry!




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