I Make Stuff! Easter Edition

I hope that you all had a fabulous Easter! We spent our Easter weekend with great friends and fabulous family members.

Do you ever have one of those days (or weeks) where you feel like you are on fire? That was me last week. The weather was GORGEOUS here and I felt like I was on crafting fire. I had one of those rare weeks where I got so much done and felt like a great mom. Bean and I had tons of fun crafting together and we also spent lots of time outside with Bean riding her bike and me pushing Turtle in his stroller. I also picked up some new skills last week that made me feel like an accomplished crafter. I joked to The Hubs that I just may be becoming a domestic goddess. His response “You’d have to get better about cleaning the house before you earn that title.” LOL. Very true.

The first thing I whipped up last week was my crystallized ginger which I shared the recipe for last week. I’m actually sipping on a mug of the delicious ginger drink as I write this.

Crystallized Ginger Recipe Perfect Sore Throat Remedy or for bakingNext on my crafting “to do list” was Easter themed window clings. I blogged about contact paper window clings in my Weekly Inspiration Easter Window Decorations post but I had never tried making them before. They proved to be such a fantastic craft project to do with kids. I think this may have been one of Bean’s favorite craft projects ever. The possibility for contact paper window clings is endless. I can’t wait to continue decorating my windows with them all year long.

Contact Paper Easter Bunnies and Egg Window ClingsI make bunny shirts for my Etsy shop Lilikoi Lane. I used the template to make these adorable bunnies. The Easter egg was hand drawn. We painted all of the clings using acrylic paint.

Contact Paper Easter Bunny Love Window Clings

Bean is very into the idea of people being in love right now. She painted the boy bunny and then I made his mate and we made the heart to go over their heads. The blob at the bottom is supposed to be a chick coming out of an egg.

Contact Paper Easter Egg Window ClingsI made the big egg on the right the first day we were making the window clings. Bean decided the next day that she wanted to make an Easter egg as well. She did her’s using her fingers. I loved the way it turned out.

Lilikoi Lane French Bulldog Boston Terrier ShirtI made a ton of shirts last week for Lilikoi Lane but one of my favorites was this French Bulldog/Boston Terrier shirt that a grandma ordered for her grand-daughter. The grand-daughter recently had a French Bulldog join the family and she named her Kitty. The grandma searched through my album of fabric choices and found this adorable kitty fabric for the French Bulldog to be made with. The grandma was one of the sweetest customers I’ve had the pleasure to work with and the story was so cute, therefore this shirt holds a special spot in my heart.

Needle Felted Chick Felted Balls My next craft project last week was these chick balls for Bean and Turtle’s Easter baskets. They came out a bit funny looking (Bean wanted eyelashes on hers) but I was so proud of myself for learning a new skill. I have been wanting to learn to wet and needle felt for a couple of years now. I found this baby chick pattern at Beneath The Rowan Tree and knew that I had to make two for Easter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with felting I took wool roving like this:

Wool Roving for Needle FeltingWet felted it to make the balls and then needle felted the faces on them. It’s such a fun new skill, I can’t wait to try my hand at it again. Turtle especially loves the balls but they would also make fantastic dryer balls.

And that brings me to my last craft project from last week. I have written about my obsession with Granny Square Blankets before. I desperately wanted to learn how to make them myself. So I signed up for Crochet Lab on Craftsy! Have you explored Craftsy before? You can sign up to take classes online at your own pace. They have video tutorials and patterns that you can access once you purchase a class and then discussion boards for each new skill that you learn where you can ask questions to your teacher and fellow classmates as well as show off your work. Vickie Howell is the teacher for the Crochet Lab, I think I have a craft crush on her. I had absolutely ZERO crochet experience and in one week I went from never crocheting a single stitch to making these granny squares.

Granny Squares from Sew Creative Blog

I haven’t blocked them yet (and I’ve since added edging to the white and grey one) but I have to admit, I’m rather impressed with how far I have come in just one week! I found that unlike sewing this is a craft that I can work on sitting on the floor with Turtle while he plays with his toys or while I’m sitting on the sidelines while Bean takes swimming, Taekwondo and gymanstics.

Anyways, that was my week in craft. I wish that every week was that productive, alas it is not.

Have you learned any new skills lately? Do you have a skill you would like to share with Sew Creative readers? Share away and if you would like we could even do a guest post with your fabulous craft idea here on the blog!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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