Thursday, December 7

I Was Amazed When I Saw Her Chalkboard Cookies And Had To Know Her Secret!

When I ran across this tutorial I stopped suddenly! I just had to know how she made them…chalkboard cookies, really? That’s why I felt so compelled to share this with you.They are actually edible! I mean, how unique and cool are these cookies? Edible chalk? WOW!

The great thing about these cookies and chalk is that they can be done for SO many parties and SO many themes! Back to school, teachers gifts, or even an in class craft and treat! I mean you get to PLAY with your food before you eat it, FUN!

Transform traditional sugar cookies into tasty works of art with a personalized flair. Whether your designs are intricate, elegant or just plain cute, every bite really is worth a thousand words. LOL!My kids are all great artists and so they LOVE these cookies. They loved creating artwork before eating it, and the fact that the chocolate chalk would start to melt in their hands so they had to eat it and get another piece didn’t hurt either. I made a ton of extra chalk so it wouldn’t be a problem for them to go through a few.

The chalkboard look is super trendy right now. This edible version would be great for wedding or shower favors. Be sure to make extras to keep for yourself!

Watch how this wacky gal, Rachel Ballinger, makes these awesome cookies in her funny step by step tutorial! I thoroughly enjoyed her attempts at putting this recipe together, but she did it!



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