I Was Blown Away When I Saw What He Made With These Two Scarves!

We’ve been seeing these everywhere these days, and while the wow factor is high, the price tags can be even higher. I saw one last last month and I fell in love with it…a gorgeous silk kimono shawl only to be disappointed by the $250 price tag.

Apparently the price tag on these jewels got Mark to thinking he just had to hack the look. Not only did he DIY his own, but he used 2 Pashmina Scarfs to make it. That’s a much better solution than shoveling out all that dough for the light fall layer, and truth: you’ll feel just as classy in yours!

Only 3-steps to make this stunning kimono and it’s so incredibly easy! This is such a terrific wrap for those cool nights when you need a little something on your arms.

Kimonos are one of my summer staples. I love the boho vibe they add to a look, and they are light enough for layering even in the hottest months. They can also be worn at the beach on top of your swimwear to shade from the sun while you read magazines on the beach. Don’t worry, I won’t tell And you know what’s the best thing about kimonos? You can make one easily!

Watch how easy Mark Montano makes this great looking kimono in his step by step tutorial!

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