I Was Like…She Did What, With That? (BRILLIANT!)

OMG! When I saw this I was blown away! The things people come up with are astounding! I just happened to have an old dresser and was going to give it to Salvation Army when I saw this clever idea. I’m so glad it wasn’t too late! I mean, how easy can this be?

I needed something else for my big entryway and this was my perfect solution! I chose a fabulous fabric for the cushions and distressed the paint I put on it, for a more interesting look…I couldn’t be prouder of myself!

What a brilliant way to add more storage in your home. Now I have a place to store my sweaters without them being crammed into drawers that I can hardly close! This has really freed up a lot of space and don’t you love that feeling? Plus I now have a lovely piece of furniture. The padded bench adds such a cozy affect too! This look has made a great impact on the way my entryway looks now. So, if you don’t have an old dresser, check out your local thrift store or garage sales and get one for next to nothing.

There are so many wonderful things you can do nowadays with repurposing furniture. I stay tuned to Pinterest for this very reason. I can’t begin to tell you how many awesome craft projects I’ve discovered (and time I’ve spent) looking online at these amazing ideas! I feel like the Queen of Repurposing! Hey…if it works, don’t knock it, right?

My husband and family are always waiting to see what I come up with next! They are amused, but astonished at the same time! In the meantime, I’ve saved an incredible amount of money and have a great sense of accomplishment.

Watch how she transforms this piece of furniture in her step by step tutorial and get busy making your space saving piece!






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