I Was Really Surprised To Learn You Could Make These Yourself, and At Minimal Cost, Too!

Are you always buying panties and they end up not fitting well or the lace frays after a few washes?  Now you have a pattern to make your own anyway you want them, with any lace or fabulous fabric you want!  I love the little boy type legs on these and no panty lines!  The fabric stores have so many stunning fabrics these days…you can go wild!

I made myself and my daughter some really cool panties and I doubt I’ll be buying them anymore, after making my own! We’ve tried several fun fabrics, too and love the ones we made more than any print I’ve been able to find for sale in stores. This might sound a little weird to you to make your own panties, but I promise if you go looking for your own fabrics and try a pair, you will find that these are far nicer than the ones that are mass produced and made for stores. Try a pair this weekend and see for yourself. Oh, they last longer, too. Sorry, but something about the construction of retail underwear is just not right. They don’t hold up anything like these.

Watch this step by step tutorial and give this a try!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!


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