I Was Shocked At Things I See Every Day And I Didn’t Know The Use Of — You Will Be Too!

After watching this video I must say that I was shocked to find out that the things I use on a daily basis have certain useful features that I was totally clueless about and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

I had no idea that the extra holes or lines put in an appliance or tool are there for a purposeful reason. After all this time of using these things I must say that I was rather surprised to discover these things that make life more convenient to us.

For instance…the lines that are intentionally marked on the blade of a box cutter was one that really blew me away. There are lines on the blade so when the blade gets dull so you can snap off the blade where the line is and get a sharp blade by moving it up, after snapping it off, as a result! If this doesn’t make sense make sure to watch the video attached below.

As the featured picture on this post shows, there is a hole in the handle of the pan and I’m sure most of us would think that this was for hanging them, but actually it’s originally put on the pan to rest your spoon in so you don’t have to lay a food covered spoon down on your counter or stove! I think this is brilliant, yet it ever occurred to me!

Watch this video by Facts Verse and learn about what else you were unaware of!


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