I Was Shocked By What He Made To Clean Nooks And Crannies In His Car…Keyboards too!

I was browsing on Pinterest and got interested in what a guy was using to clean all of the small hard to clean places in his car. Apparently this is something that you can buy already pre-made, but it’s the exact same stuff kids make!

I watch my granddaughter make slime all the time and wonder why she makes it all the time and what the purpose for making it is. I mean she goes through so much school glue and borax it’s unbelievable. Sometimes she even makes slime with shaving cream!

The car dealerships use this and call it “gummy cleaner” and it picks up dust and dirt in hard to reach places such as car vents, dashes, etc. Some of these are equipped with disinfectant and don’t leave a sticky residue. The trick to these cleaners is that you’ll want to keep your hands dry while using them, to maintain ultimate stickiness and effectiveness. While store-bought “cleaning slimes” are available, you can make your own at home and save money.

This guy makes the same thing, only without the shaving cream …surprised the heck out of me, but it made a lot of sense that it would be perfect for getting into those small creases around the radio and other places that are hard to clean. In the past I would usually end up giving up. I just couldn’t take sitting out there and sweating and making no progress.

Now I’ve got the perfect solution for cleaning those places that make me so crazy. Who would have ever thought that the slime that my granddaughter makes was this big secret from me all along!

Oh, and this stuff is great for cleaning your computer keyboards too. My keyboard really needed cleaning too!

I can’t wait to tell my daughter about this. Container after container of this has been sitting in her house all this time and I’m sure she’s clueless that this can actually have a purpose!

Watch how CNET makes this miracle working slime in his step by step tutorial.

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