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I Was Shocked When I Saw What He Made This Pendant Light Out Of And You Will Be Too!

When I saw what he made this pendant light out of I was flabbergasted! It’s amazing what people think of. This is brilliant!

At first I was concerned about the light heating up the plastic, but he uses a low wattage fluorescent bulb, which produces significantly less heat than a traditional incandescent.

I would have never dreamed that this could be done with a water jug! I think this light fixture is so handsome. It has a modern look, but also an old school look about it too.

I’m a big fan of finding new uses for stuff that most people would normally either recycle or throw away.

Sure, my greatest upcycling achievement was only creating a castle for my cats out of cardboard boxes, but I’m happy that I at least managed to build something. After seeing the simple yet awesome lighting that this guy created I feel confident about moving on to much cooler projects.

Elasaf Shweka wanted a pendant light without the cost, so he took an empty water jug and made his own. The best part is that he only spent money on paint and light bulbs! This water jug provided the perfect, cheap material for the lamp.

Watch how he makes this cool light pendant in his step b step tutorial!

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