I Was Shocked When I Saw What She Made Out Of Plastic Bags And It’s A Cool Way To Recycle Too (Watch!)

This DIY project blew my mind! I simply had to share this with you all! Some of you may have already done this, but it was my first time to see it and I’m sure some of you out there haven’t seen it either…it’s too amazing not to pass along! Plus, this is a really cool project to do with your kids…they’ll love this!

Who would have ever thought to do this? Well, I know somebody did, but it would have never crossed my mind to do! I don’t know what prompts people to try this, but I’m sure glad they did.

I’ve become somewhat of a curator of plastic bags. In fact, there are some doors you shouldn’t open in my house because you will be buried under an avalanche of interesting plastic. Primarily, I fuse these bags into collages and turn them into other things like these incredible beads!

This is a really cool project and such an interesting conversation piece. Heck, I wanted to make them just so I could tell people how I made them, and then watch their faces! So much fun!

These make awesome gifts. You can make necklaces or earrings with these beads and they are fabulous!

If you would like to transform your own collection of plastic bags into beads, follow these instructions in Hectanooga1’s step by step tutorial!


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