I Was So Surprised When I Saw The Clever Item He Makes With Wooden Coat Hangers!

I’ve gotta say that this DIY project completely took me by surprise and my thought was “how do people come up with these ideas?” What a great way to repurpose something that is just hanging in your closet!

While you wait out the cold weather this winter, why not get crafty and make something that’s both easy on the eyes and useful for your home?

Today’s post is all about creativity, interior design, and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The goal is simple. We want to inspire you to reuse, recycle, and repurpose.

If you don’t have wooden hangers and you love this project like I do, Amazon sells 20 of them for under $20, which is definitely a cheap price for a stunning light fixture like this one.

You can leave your hangers in their natural state, stain them or paint them any color that you want. I know whatever you do, this lamp fixture can’t help but look unique and stunning!

This would be a fabulous addition to go with modern decor, although, it will fit right in with virtually any decor, in my opinion.

Watch how Sergio Padin makes this fabulous light fixture in his step by step tutorial so you can get started on one for your home!



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