I Was So Surprised When I Saw What She Made With Clothespins. Watch!

Everybody loves Christmas. It is the most joyful and festive time of the year, and it brings out what is left of the child and dreamer in every one of us.

I’m so excited to be back with a new ornament tutorial, just in time for Christmas! Clothespins are cheap and they make the cutest snowflakes!

If you don’t have a stash of wooden clothespins they can found at any dollar store and easily transformed into pretty snowflakes. I used a few to embellish some packages though these can easily be made into ornaments or used in number of different decor ideas as well.

I like that snowflakes can be left out throughout the winter and a last a little longer than other seasonal decor.

I spray painted the ones that I did, and sprinkled a real fine glitter on mine, but I also came across a tutorial where RIT dye was used to dye wood and you can give that a try for something different, if you’d like.

The dye works like a wood stain, so that you can still see the wood grain. Or, some people like the rustic look and use a stain on them.

Watch how this gal with Michaels makes these darling ornaments in her step by step tutorial and get started making some for your family! They look great hung on your windows with suction hangers too!


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