I Was Surprised When I Saw The Cool Art She Created Out Of A Milk Carton — What She Does Next Is Stunning!

This is absolutely amazing and she does this out of a milk carton, of all things! I love butterflies, so I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this tutorial!

We’re always looking for cheap or, better yet, free materials to craft with, so we’ve played around with crafting all sorts of things out of those big plastic gallon milk cartons over the last couple of years.

The type of plastic milk cartons are made from is pretty versatile as far as crafting goes. You can cut it easily with scissors, use hole punches on it, stick it with hot glue and best of all you can draw on it with permanent markers with great results due to it being semi-opaque and mildly textured on one side.

If you have really little kids then you could cut them simple shapes to scribble colors on like hearts or flowers or circles etc, or even the letters of their name. My two granddaughters are five and six years old, so were fine drawing their own pictures and cut out their own shapes. Just make sure that you draw on the mildly textured side of the plastic (the outer side of the milk jug) as this will hold the colors better than the smooth side.

The other great thing about this plastic is that it is transparent enough that you can trace pictures through it, so my two had fun tracing their favorite cartoon characters from the fronts of their books.

We hung them in the window for the light to shine through like little stained glass decorations using teeny suction cups from the Dollar Tree.

Watch how Creative DIY Crafts does this great craft project in her step by step tutorial. It’s so much fun!

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