If You Already Have A Tree, Here’s Your Opportunity To Make An Extra One For Your Home!

Most of us either buy a real tree or we use faux trees every year. I love changing things up and this is a great way to either change up your tradition or add something new and unique to it!

Many of us love having more than one tree in our home at Christmas time because they are so magical and calming. I’m one of those people and I made this awesome tree and I must say that it is so fabulous. I absolutely love it!

I might add that children love having their own Christmas tree in their room. My grandchildren have little trees in their rooms and put them up every year.

Great Christmas decorations ideally make a big impact and are inexpensive!  This cute lighted Christmas tree made with deco poly mesh and a tomato cage is both…and it’s really easy to create!
The tutorial below shows you how to create one of these with budget-friendly supplies like a simple wire tomato cage and basic green deco mesh.
At 33″  tall, this tree makes a big statement- great for stair landings, buffet tables, porches, front doors or anywhere else you want a touch of Christmas cheer. You can also use it as a topiary by placing it on a planter.
Watch how Jenny Sikma makes this fabulous deco mesh Christmas tree in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours.
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