If You Can’t Resist This Adorable Little Owl Watch How Easily She Makes It! (DARLING!)

The majority of us have a great affinity for Owls…I’m especially fond of them! This little felt owl struck my heart strings when I ran across this tutorial and I simply had to share this with you all! I’ve made a few of these since then and have put them in gift baskets when giving gifts to friends and family. They have all just adored them!

These can be changed up by the fabric you put on the body and it gives them different personalities. I have a whole slew of them on a shelf in my home. I added little hats to the boy owls. I’ve also changed them up with different trims, buttons and beads. You can make these with their eyes opened, closed or even winking.. And, if you want to, you can make these sachets in this little critters and hang them in your closet…just let your imagination run wild! I did!

Children love these and are overjoyed when they see them. I made a set of them for my friend’s little girl and you would have thought I’d given her a bar of gold! So keep in mind that these are great gifts for the children in your life.

We don’t know where it all began, and why millions of people went crazy over them, but one thing is for sure – owls are taking over our homes … and our hearts! All of a sudden, this fluffy bird began appearing everywhere – perching on countless pendants and T-shirts. Now they are building comfortable nests in our bedrooms and living rooms, and there is no indication that they will fly off anytime soon.

Watch how Guidecentral English makes these little darlings in this step by step tutorial.




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