Thursday, November 30

If You Don’t Know How To Do The Invisible Stitch It’s Important To Learn. Watch!

I wasn’t sure whether or not to write a post about this, but in the end decided to because it’s one of those skills that you really do need to know because it’s impossible to get the same result with a sewing machine.

If you need to close up a seam with an invisible stitch, then the ladder stitch is perfect. For sewing the lining closed in the bottom of your bag when you have turned it the right way out, or for closing the bottom of a pocket, or even for closing a  pillow or soft toy when you’ve added the stuffing.  The ladder stitch is perfect for all of these and many other sewing projects.

This is one of the hand sewing stitches that I use the most. It’s incredibly useful for closing up the opening left after turning a project right side out when you want to avoid the visible stitches of topstitching.
This gal with shows us a step-by-step demonstration on how to hand sew an invisible stitch (AKA hidden stitch, ladder stitch, blind stitch or slip stitch). This is a perfect sewing technique to use when closing an open seam.

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