If You Have 3 Minutes and A Waffle Iron, You Can Make These Amazing Cinnamon Rolls

We already know what you are serving for breakfast this weekend… a recipe so easy and so amazing, it will be at the top of everyone’s list. I used to think being a good cook meant understanding how to make everything from scratch. The more I learn, the more I’ve come to realize that the best cooks I know actually rely on lots of shortcuts in the kitchen to achieve great results. Turns out, some special tricks of the trade can really change your cooking game. One of my favorite tricks I just learned is the oh so versatile waffle iron. Turns out that waffle iron is not just for making waffles. I’ve now seen all sorts of cool and creative recipes made with this nifty¬†kitchen appliance, my favorite being this cinnamon roll recipe I just had to share with you.

Per the package instructions on these Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, they need to bake for 17 minutes. Making these in the waffle iron only takes 3! You are not going to believe how easy and quick this one is.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls In A Waffle Iron



Open a roll of prepackaged cinnamon rolls. We like to use Pillsbury. Preheat your waffle iron and spray it with nonstick spray, if you have it. Place a cinnamon roll on each side of the waffle iron and close the lid. Wait the same amount of time you would for a waffle, 2.5 to 3 minutes (different waffle irons will vary, but this should be close)

Easy as pie (which I am now wondering if I can’t make in my waffle iron!) Remove the cinnamon rolls from the waffle iron and add the frosting that came with them. Butter and syrup are also a nice touch if you like that sort of double sweet thing.

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls In A Waffle Iron

We know what you are serving for breakfast this weekend.

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