If You Like Farmhouse Decor Watch What He Does With An Old Ladder And Buckets!

If you like the rustic farmhouse look, you’re gonna love this awesome DIY project! I adore anything like this and you don’t necessarily have to have all rustic decor to put this in your home. You can mix it with other types of decor and it looks fabulous.

He uses galvanized buckets for this project, but I’ve also seen people use wire egg baskets to do the same thing, so just use your imagination. And, rather than use an old ladder, you could also use an old window frame to do the same thing.

These old buckets are not useless at all. In fact, they can be re-purposed and have their second life. Reusing and re-purposing old stuff can add some fun to your home and it is environmentally friendly.

With some changes, an old galvanized bucket or tub can become a fresh and creative garden planter. And a pendant light made from galvanized buckets would become a focal point of your home.

Farmhouse is about coziness, soft colors, texture, and vintage items. This farmhouse style light fixture is the ideal focal point to create a laid back atmosphere in your home.

Watch how this guy with TexasMagnoliaHome makes this cool light fixture in his step by step tutorial.




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