Thursday, December 7

If You Love Bacon, Your Life Is Not Complete Until You Make At Least One Bacon Candle.

Love bacon and DIY? If so, this is absolutely the most awesome idea ever! Learn how to make homemade bacon candles to scent your home with bacon all day long. This nifty trick also makes great use of leftover bacon grease, which I had always wondered what to do with. Excellent crafting tutorial for men, this one is just fun and cool. Have fun this weekend making bacon candles, which also make awesome Christmas gift ideas for the person who has everything.

Both my husband and my brother love all things bacon, so when Christmas gift planning rolled around this past year and I was out of cool ideas, I decided to try making these bacon candles. I can’t say theyn are for everyone, but for those who love bacon, you could not give a better gift. Perhaps include a nice package of fine Applewood smoked bacon for the perfect gift?

How to Make Bacon Candles – Video Tutorial


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