If You Love Seasonal Quilts You’ll Have To Add This Awesome Quilt To Your Collection!

I fell in love with this quilt and had to add it to my seasonal quilts, since I was missing one for Halloween.

When I made mine, I decided to go elaborate on the quilting, and so I also splurged on 100% wool batting so my stitches would really pop. This is the first time I’ve used pure wool batting in a quilt it is fabulous!

The other special thing I used for this quilt was the glow-in-the-dark thread that a friend gifted me a while back. It looks so cool in the dark and my grandkids love this quilt!

Have you ever started reading a good book and you neglect everything else in your life until it’s finished???

That was this quilt.  I fed my family eggs and bacon or frozen dinners at night until it was done and literally did nothing else but sew while everyone else in the family was asleep.

Some of you may be saying that you don’t want to make a quilt that’s only out for a short amount of time, but there’s also some of us, like myself, who like to go over the top for holiday decor and it’s a lot of fun! Of course, you can always make a smaller table runner, if you don’t want to make a full sized quilt.

The children get so excited when I start bringing out my holiday decorations and that makes everything I do so worth it!

Watch how Jenny, with Missouri Quilt Company, makes this darling quilt in her step by step tutorial.



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