If You See This DIY Quilt In Person, It’s Unforgettable

In need of a rainbow explosion in your house? Angela Walters with Craftsy makes just that with this color block drunkard’s path quilt. This is by far the most colorful quilt I’ve ever seen, and even though it takes a while to make, it’s a lot easier than it looks!

A quilt like this one is perfect for a child’s room. All of the color and crazy patterns will catch everyone’s eye and go with a wide variety of room decor. This would also make a great pop of color in any dark or neutrally colored room.

I’m going to use one of these quilts as a wall tapestry. The pattern is so mesmerizing and it will look so great in my otherwise plain looking bedroom!

Check out Angela’s quilt tutorial and give this amazing pattern a try. Share it with your friends and show us how your version turns out!

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