If You Suffer With Headaches She Shows You Her Headache Buster (Remarkable!)

I’ve suffered with headaches off and on most of my life and when I got into using essential oils I searched Pinterest for a remedy for some natural remedies with essential oils and this is one that really works for me!

I’m a huge believer in essential oils and I use a diffusor in my bedroom, with special oils and water in it at night. I use a lot of different calming oils that bring about a sense of peace and relaxation. They work amazingly well for many different symptoms.

Millions of people across the world suffer from headaches every day for a variety of reasons, and they’re often not sure what to blame. There are so many causes, which include stress, fatigue, allergies, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, constipation, poor posture, low blood sugar, and alcohol or drug consumption. Then, of course, there’s the wicked combination of a couple of those causes.

If you suffer from frequent headaches and struggle to find an effective treatment, there are no shortage of natural headache rememdies out there. But perhaps you haven’t tried the one option, the one principle ingredient/s that can make the biggest difference? I’m talking about essential oils.

The most common headache treatment is a painkiller, but these pills come with a host of ugly side effects, like kidney and liver damage; plus they don’t deal with the root of the problem.

Essential oils serve as headache treatments because they safely and effectively treat the headache trigger, getting to the root of the problem instead of minimizing the pain temporarily. Plus, when using essential oils for headaches, there are no nasty side effects and you are in complete control of your dose — adjusting it for the type of headache you experience.

She uses lavender oil, peppermint oil and rose oil with a sweet almond carrier oil. There are other carrier oils you can substitute, such as coconut oils or olive oil. They all work just the same.

Watch how she makes this headache remedy in her step by step tutorial and get rid of your nasty headaches!

Photo Credit: Top 10 Remedies


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