If You Want To Give A Holiday Gift Basket And Don’t Know What To Put In It Watch!

Believe it or not, everything she buys for this gift basket came from the Dollar Tree!

I was so happy to run across this video because I was trying to make up a gift basket recently and didn’t know what to put in it. This gal picked some of the best items to put in hers and I followed her lead for the gift basket I put together and I’m so happy how it turned out!

It’s amazing how many great items you can find at the Dollar Tree when you just know what to look for and I know I need a little guidance in that department.

What’s nicer than getting a gift from a friend is if that gift was handmade just for you, by your friend, and you know how much thought went into it.

A DIY gift is always more special than a purchased gift. It shows that not only were they thinking of you, but they took the time to make this wonderful gift for you.

For people who aren’t close friends, but I still consider friends, I bought coffee cups and put some of their favorite little things in them.

For one of my girlfriends I put some glittery nail files, and a bath bomb in a beautiful black and white striped mug with a gold rim…she loves black and white stripes!

Watch this video by Do It On A Dime so you can take away some great gift basket ideas on the cheap!


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