I’ll Bet Many Of You Never Knew That You Could Make One Of These But She Shows Us How!

I wish I’d known that these were so easy to make before now. I was searching for something else on Pinterest and ran across this by accident. These are so much fun to have at parties!

It is a fun and inexpensive project and it really increases the excitement to have it hanging up in our breakfast room in the days before the party. What is more if you make your own you can make it fit in with the party theme or color scheme perfectly. Decorate them any way you want to!

I know these range between $15-$30, depending on what you get, but there’s just something special about making your own and getting the family involved in making one.

My grandkids got so excited about making one of these, but I’m sure the biggest thing that made them excited is that they knew candy was going to go inside of it. They were chomping at the bit to fill it up before it was even dry! I already knew that would be the case.

There are many methods to make a pinata and we have attempted them all! This is by far the easiest and quickest that I have come across! We made a giant beach ball pinata but the same method would work with any pinata based around a globe shape. These are so easy to make that my grandchildren now make know how to make their own. The only problem is that they want candy to put in them every time they make them!

Watch how this lady with Howcast makes her pinata in her step by step tutorial.

Photo Credit: Mikaela Holmes



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