I’ll Bet You’ll Never Guess What He Is Making!

The first thing I thought of when I saw this square wire box was that he was making some type of animal crate!  If you are looking for something that is a real eye catcher for your home, the buck stops here!  When I first watched this I was saying to myself “Wow! Who thinks of this stuff?”  This is stunning, but who would have ever dreamed this would be so cool, using this type of wire? What do I know?

I’m in love with this wire container he makes for his plants to sit in.  It’s so unusual and the black smooth rocks he used in one of his containers looks so chic!

All the containers and different sizes has got me thinking about all the different things you can put in one of these.  The log holder is rather cool looking too.  I’m sold!  This will be me and my husband’s next project, for sure!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make one, two, three…of these!  Please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!  It’s too great not to!

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