I’m In Love With This Pallet Table On Wheels & It’s SO Easy To Build!

If you’re wanting a really neat coffee table then this is it!  I love mine and have really enjoyed having a larger coffee table.  To top it all off, its on wheels and so easy to vacuum without having to move one that is stationary!  I painted mine just like the photo and it looks so stunning in my living room.  It looks really handsome with a vase of red flowers sitting on it.

This table adds a bit of vintage fashion sense to your furniture collection. Pallet furniture offers fully customized furniture that suits your need depending upon usage and your fashion sense. Wooden Pallets are rarely used once after they are thrown away for recycling. You can easily get the pallets from a local warehouse or recycling centers. Pallet furniture can greatly improve any living space. All it takes is a little time and elbow grease and you can make yourself an amazing piece that everyone will comment on.

Check out this step by step tutorial to see how to make your pallet table! Easy to make, inexpensive and super creative, you are going to love making this and then getting to enjoy something you know you crafter yourself. DIY farmhouse decor at its best, this pallet table is perfect in just about any setting. I love styling mine with magazines and pretty mason jars in a little planter I made, but I switch it up for variety. The storage is also super nice, plenty of space to hide the less cute items away while keeping them within easy reach.

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