I’m Stunned At The Amazing Thing She Uses To Design These Shorts!

How cool is this? These shorts are so cute and the technique is so easy, but I wouldn’t have thought of doing this, if I hadn’t seen this great tutorial showing me how she designed these! I’m a big DIYer, but there’s always something to learn!

The way these shorts look with the two tone effect, by using the bleach, is awesome! The black paint on the pockets and the trim has a leather look when it’s dry. I just love the over all look of these and they are definitely one of a kind! When I was browsing Pinterest, I saw some of the coolest drapes a woman painted vines and flowers on with a small brush and bleach …I may just have to share this one with you soon!

Since I live in Texas, it stays hot when other places are getting cooler weather, so I can wear these for a while before it turns cool, but, not to worry, you can do this to the bottom of your long jeans too! Just let your imagination go wild! I’m sure if you have a teenage girl, she will love this look, so make sure to share this with her. You may want to supervise if she does it, since we all know how bleach can get on those things we love so much!

As I watched this video, I was cringing when she put her hands in the bleach…where are her gloves? Ladies, if you do this, please wear some gloves! Bleach is so hard on your hands, not to mention how long the smell stays on them!

What how It’s My Raye Raye does this project in her step by step tutorial!

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