In 5 Minutes, He Assembles Mason Jar And 2 Surprising Items To Make This Brilliant Idea For The Patio

Such an easy and cheap idea! I’d been out shopping for one of these one day and didn’t see any except ones that cost $35 and I didn’t want to spend that much on one! Then I saw this great tutorial and was off to the races! Not sure why I didn’t think about this before! I’m so thankful for DIY projects! I like this one far more than the expensive ones I saw.

Mason jars are cheap and he uses a watering base or chicken feeder for $2.89, he bought at his local feed store (or you can get them at some hardware stores).

Now here’s where my mind was blown…this thing fits on a Mason jar! I couldn’t believe it – I was so excited. I love all things Mason jar – I just needed to figure out what I was going to do with them. I don’t own any chickens – but I do have lots of birds in my yard. So, I decided to make a bird feeder!

We have no reason to pay retail price when we can put this brilliant DIY to use! And, I love the idea of making your own bird feeders because it’s an easy project even for beginners, and, also, because I think it makes the connection with nature stronger when you have had a hand in it!

You can make one of these for 5 minutes or under! That’s my kind of DIY project! Attaching a tray to a mason jar filled with birdseed or water takes care of our feathered friends while looking awesome in the garden!

Watch how Glen W. makes this easy bird feeder in his step by step tutorial and you can start feeding your birds in minutes!



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