Instead Of Getting Rid Of His Old Bed He Easily Makes Something Outstanding!

Furniture makeover is something exciting and creative. It is an easy way to save some money on new furniture by transforming your old dresser, ladder, chair, headboard or cabinet into chic and functional pieces. Sometimes a small change makes a big difference.

I love, love, love making benches of all sorts, and headboards are my favorite repurpose.  Because headboards are so different, each bench is different as well.  I’m going to show you some great tips to putting together a headboard bench using a headboard as the back of the bench, and the foot board as the sides (arm rests).  With the proper tools and knowledge, you too can make your own bench in a weekend.

These benches are very versatile. They can be used in a mudroom, patio, porch or at the foot of the bed to aide in putting on shoes and socks.

My husband called me on his way home from work one day to let me know there was a big pile of stuff out by someone’s curb up the road. As soon as he got home I jumped in my car and headed up there. I was so excited when I got out to find that under that pile of junk was an old headboard/footboard. FINALLY! I had been looking for cheap ones at consignment shops but all were too expensive and this one was FREE! With the head and footboard was the sideboards. I wasn’t sure if I would need them but I grabbed them up anyway. Turns out I did use them. We cut them into planks and turned it into the seat.

Watch how he makes this bench out of this old bed in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these fabulous benches too!

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