Is He Making a Storage Box or What?

This is such a clever idea…why didn’t I think of it?  I’m always thinking of utilitarian things, but this one slipped my mind! Talk about a space saver…well, this not only serves it’s purpose, but definitely saves you space!

If you are short on space it’s always nice to have a dedicated workspace. But how are you going to fit it in? Here’s one of my favorite solutions to this problem: a wall mounted desk. These take up much less space than a freestanding piece of furniture, and have a nice minimal look to boot.  To top it all off, he cleverly incorporates some shelves for stashing pertinent items when you fold the top down to use the desk top!  This could be called a wall mounted murphy desk or it’s a lot like a Secretariat.

This is a great project to do for children who like to draw or for teenagers doing their homework.  These can be made as long or tall as you wish to make them.  I just think it’s brilliant!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can create a wall mounted desk too!  Please don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook too!



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