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Is Your Poor Dog Itching And Chewing? Here Are 7 Awesome Vet Tips!

It’s really disturbing to see your poor furry friend itching and chewing themselves with no solution in sight. After searching and searching the Internet for solutions to my daughter’s Australian Shepherd’s itching, I landed on this informative video.

On one of my daughter’s dog’s legs, she has chewed off all the hair and it has stayed aggravated for months. She has changed food, put Neosporin, with a wrap on her leg and given her Benadryl. The wrap on her leg didn’t stay on long, since she promptly chewed it off. The Benadryl definitely helped, but we were looking for a long term solution to this constant problem.

She gets up, sits, scratches…lays down, scratches. Stands up, chews her paw. Sits down, sighs and stares at you, waiting for you to do something that eases her discomfort.

It’s a familiar picture to anyone who’s dealt with an itchy dog. While there are many reasons a dog might itch—from allergies and autoimmune issues to a bug bite—the immediate problem at hand is that your dog can’t stop scratching and chewing, and is pretty much miserable. No one wants to see that.

My daughter does have a Vet appointment for her dog, Hailie, but in the meantime I found these tips and immediately sent the link to her.

Watch Veterinary Secrets video with 7 tips to help solve the itchy dog problem and hopefully, one of these will be a solution to your problem!