It Blows My Mind What She Makes Out Of A Cereal Box! (CLEVER!)

WOW! When I saw this my jaw dropped! I would have never guessed that these were made out of ordinary cereal boxes! Now this is one way to recycle and cut down on the bulk in your trash can! I can’t even imagine how someone even thought of doing this! I’m speechless!

I live in Texas so metal stars are displayed everywhere since Texas is called the Lone Star State. Although, stars represent many things and are used to decorate at parties, teenagers rooms, weddings, patriotic wreaths and they adorn many other things. These look awesome as mantel decorations for Christmas and/or to decorate packages as well! Paint your stars in your desired color and leave to dry. Once fully dry the card will become stiff and you are ready to place anywhere you like! Make a garland, add on a ribbon, let your imagination go wild!

You can easily achieve the look of metal with different paint and techniques. Many people make these for their shabby chic decor in soft ivory colored paint and various other soft colors, giving them a distressed look by lightly sanding the creases. They look so lovely!

Watch how Guide Central English makes these in their step by step tutorial and enjoy your stars!


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