It’s Absolutely Phenomenal What He Makes With This Bottle (Watch!)

Who thinks this stuff up…that’s what I want to know!  I’m not sure how something like this even occurs to someone, but then again, I’m certainly not a genius, but there are a lot of them out there! This guy is a prime example.

I guess the notion to invent a DIY vacuum cleaner, would most likely come out of necessity, but it didn’t ever occur to me that this could be done! I guess it did occur to Navin Khambhala because he’s the genius that created this.

Aren’t you fascinated by how he puts this project together? Folks this ain’t no Dyson, but it actually works! I guess necessity really is the mother of invention!

I would really love to be able to describe exactly what he does, but he shows you in this tutorial. There is no speaking, only music.  He shows us exactly how he cuts the bottle and all of the holes he puts in it, along with how he makes a fan and attaches and electrical device to it…you’ll have to watch what he does in this tutorial.

Watch how Navin Khambhala does this amazing project in his step by step tutorial.




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