It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Nail Polish! BRILLIANT!

I’m a big coffee drinker, therefore I have a tendency to collect a lot of coffee mugs, but with this craft you can do so much more than just put coffee in them.  When I saw this tutorial I thought it was one of the simplest things I’ve ever seen and immediately went and bought some different colors of nail polish and made a few of these.  I use these to put makeup brushes in, as planters, and many more things I want to stick something in.  Oh, and these make great gifts too! My daughter has given teachers and friends these as gifts.  We always put something cool inside of them.  They’re really a hit when we plant a succulent in them!

It amazing how you can bring a mug to life by only adding a touch of color.  I hadn’t dreamed of using it in water to make these dynamite looking marbleized mugs!

I also love the way she mixed up your colors to add more color and dimension to these mugs.  I bought mugs really cheap at the dollar store, so this craft project doesn’t cost much to make, but the end result…they don’t look it!

We made a pallet coffee mug hanger…because I have so many mugs they wouldn’t all fit in my cabinet, and have hung several of these up that are a variety of different colors and it’s quite stunning.

Go to the dollar store and get you some cheap mugs and nail polish, then watch this simple tutorial so you can get busy making these great looking mugs!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook too!


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