It’s Phenomenal How She Recycles Jeans Into A Fashionable Item. Watch!

I was blown away at how she transforms an old pair of jeans. We see a lot of jeans transformed into different items and styles, but it was this particular style that I was really drawn to.

I love the addition of the ruffle to the bottom of the jeans turned skirt that she makes. The ruffle makes all the difference. It takes a jeans skirt to a whole new level.

Denim is a vital part of our lives and lifestyle. And like wine they get better with time. But there comes a point in time when our favorite jeans need to be changed up.

Don’t let those old pairs of jean hang in your closet and do nothing with them. It’s hard to throw away our lovely jeans that is why we have look for some awesome projects to do with them so they can have  a whole new life.

As long as the jeans still fit you in the waist and hips, you can transform them into a skirt of just about any length, from mini to midi. If you want to make a longer maxi skirt, you will have to get another pair of jeans.

Watch how Zoe transforms an old pair of jeans into this stylish denim skirt in her step by step tutorial.


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